A Closer Look at the NewCell Stream Water Ionizer

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The NewCell Stream Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine could be one of the best and most useful additions in your kitchen. With this alkaline water ionizer, you can enjoy healthy pH balanced drinking water anytime of the day. NewCell is a respected manufacturer of water ionization products, and this alkaline ionized water machine further shows why.


This stream water ionizer and alkaline water machine measures nine inches wide, four inches deep and 13 inches tall. Weighing just six pounds, this steam water ionizer won’t demand a lot of space in your kitchen.

This product can produce alkaline water that ranges from a pH scale of 5.5 to 10.5, and an oxidation reduction potential of +600 to -550.

To the uninitiated, pH level pertains to the acidity of the water. Pure water has a neutral pH level, while those that have a pH level of less than 7 are considered acidic. On the other hand, alkaline water has pH values greater than 7.

Meanwhile, oxidation reduction potential or ORP measures the ability of water to oxidize contaminants. A negative ORP indicates the greater potential of water to fight off reactive oxygen species (ROS), which are molecules with oxygen that can react negatively with other molecules. On the other hand, a positive ORP means that the water would not be able to resist ROS.

This stream water ionizer and alkaline water machine has an integrated LCD screen that makes it easier for users to manage the different functionalities. It also has seven electroplates all coated with titanium, making the plates virtually indestructible. It has an easy to install and long life activated water filter, aside from having a five-year warranty.


Investing in this stream water ionizer and alkaline water machine has many benefits, particularly when it comes to health. It is no secret that alkaline water has gotten a lot of press due to its perceived health benefits, and this alkaline water machine can produce clean and pure water that can detoxify and rejuvenate any individual.

For one, ionized water is considered an excellent antioxidant. As you may remember, antioxidants are compounds with anti aging and anti-cancer properties. These compounds neutralize the effects of free radicals on our cells, which can lead to diseases like cancer. It can also cause premature aging.

Ionized water from this alkaline water machine has hydroxyl ion, an oxygen molecule with an extra electron. The hydroxyl ion would be able to find and give its surplus electron to the free radicals which are actually oxygen molecules lacking one electron.  And since ionized water is liquid, it is more effective compared to other antioxidants because it is very easy to be absorbed by the cells.

Ionized water also balances our body’s acid or alkaline balance.  It is very common for people these days to have high pH levels due to the acidic nature of the foods we consume ranging from soft drinks and processed food. This kind of diet leaves a lot of acid wastes deposited in the body which could accumulate over time. It can thus increase risks of diseases such as cancer.

Ionized water has also been clinically proven effective in killing all forms of bacteria including Staphylococcus Aureus and E.Coli. It can also be harnessed for protection against viruses and bacteria, sterilization of wounds and treatment of diabetic ulcers.

In terms of hydration, ionized water is better absorbed quickly by the body cells compared to tap water and even filtered water. This is due to the smaller molecular size and shape of ionized water which makes it easier for the tissues of the body to absorb them.Some studies indicate that ionized water is around five times better in hydrating compared to tap water.

Aside from the health benefits of ionized water produced by this alkaline water machine, you can also get a lot of convenience having this appliance around the house. You can have ionized water at your disposal anytime of the day. It also helps that this water machine is very easy to use. Plus, it is quick and easy to install.

The seven plates of this water machine should also last for many years being plated with titanium. The plates are self-cleaning with an audio guide. In fact the only thing to be replaced here after several years is the filter.


The NewCell Stream Water Ionizer and Alkaline Water Machine can produce fresh ionized water anytime of the day. Capable of filtering tap water and turning it into alkaline water, this water machine brings a lot of benefits worth much more than it’s price tag.

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