An Alkalux 2507 Water Ionizer Review – Is it Worth Your Money?

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Alkalux 2507 Water Ionizer – Black
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Many people would love to have a water ionizer at home, although they are often turned off by the rather prohibitive prices of these appliances. Fortunately, there are reasonably priced water ionizers like the Alkalux 2507 water ionizer.  It is more affordable compared to most high-end models and yet it works just as great too.


The Alkalux ionizer features an advanced water filtration and ionization system that filters, purifies and alkalizes water efficiently. The result is clean and fresh pH balanced water that is not only safe for drinking but also clean for cooking and other household purposes.

The Alkalux machine cleans water through a simple but efficient two-step process. First, water goes through a filter composed of activated carbon and ceramic. Then the 2507 ionizes water by splitting it into two streams—one for the acidic and the other for the ideal alkaline pH level that gives your body numerous health benefits.


It has a colored LCD touch screen which makes it a lot easier for users to operate the water ionizer. You can choose from six different pH levels—three alkaline, one for regular water, and two for acidic settings appropriate for washing dishes, cleaning and other household purposes.

With a superior 7 plate technology, you can be assured that this water ionizer can combat even hard water.  And since the plates are coated with titanium, the plates should last for a long time.

The six pH levels available in this water ionizer mean you can get alkaline ionized water appropriate for different purposes. For instance, light alkaline water is appropriate for drinking while medium alkaline water is best for cooking, tea brewing and rice cooking. On the other hand, strong alkaline water is best used for cooking vegetables, rinsing fruits, cooking rice, and preparing cold water tea.

You could also opt for purified water, which is good for drinking and taking of medications. However, purified water does not have any change in pH level. The other two levels are more for household purposes—light acidic water is best for washing skin and shaving, while strong acidic water is best for cleaning clothes and rinsing dishes.


There are many reasons why you’d love to have the Alkalux 2507 water ionizer in your kitchen. First is that it can give you a lot of health benefits. It is no secret that alkaline ionized water not only tastes good compared to tap water but can also contribute to the good health of anyone who regular drinks it.

Drinking alkaline ionized water is a good way of detoxifying the body as it can flush toxins out of the body. Alkaline ionized water is also more efficiently absorbed by the cells of the body due to its smaller structure. Likewise, ionized water helps balance the acidity levels of the body and making it less likely to succumb to diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and even cancer.

Alkaline ionized water is considered a potent antioxidant that can neutralize the free radicals in the body, slow down the aging process and as previously mentioned, lessen the risks of various cancers.

Aside from these health benefits, use of the unit has other advantages. One is that the water ionizer is so easy to use with its LCD touch screen display.  There is also a voice prompt that guides you in operating this water ionizer.

Second is that the water ionizer has an extended dispenser hose which makes it versatile enough to be placed on either side of the sink.   The  water ionizer also comes with a longer warranty period of 7 years compared to the industry standard of five years.  With dimensions of 15.8 inches, 4.6 inches and 16.4 inches (length, depth, and width), this unit is compact enough to fit in any part of the kitchen.

The water machine is competitively priced, making it one of the most affordable water ionizers today. Although the price is cheap, you can tell by looking at its features that it can hold its own against other high-end water ionizers.


The Alkalux  water ionizer is one piece of equipment that definetley gives you more bang for your buck. Priced competitively, this water ionizer can be relied upon to produce clean and fresh water. Drinking ionized water has a lot of health benefits that more than justifies the price tag, from proper hydration to the possible prevention of many medical ailments.  Plus, the machine is very easy to use as well.

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