How to make alkaline water – everything you need to know

You’ve most likely read about the health benefits alkaline water, but a novice to the topic may wonder what is the best way to make alkaline water.  A lot of the confusion around this topic is due to the terminology used and it can sometimes be hard to work out which is the correct and safe path to go down.

The easiest way to start making alkaline water is to buy a water ionizer, but water ionizers come in many different shapes and sizes and without a basic understanding of the science behind making water alkaline it may be difficult for you to decide what you need from a water ionizer. So let’s begin by looking at the basics of how to make water alkaline.

How to make water alkaline

spurts of alkaline waterOne of the key things that needs to be explained in any discussion about making water alkaline is the difference between alkaline water and alkaline ionized water. It is possible to make water alkaline by simply adding chemicals to it, but in order to make alkaline ionized water you need to put the water through a process called Electrolysis. All good water ionizers use this process to produce alkaline water.

In very simple terms, Electrolysis refers to the breakdown of something (water in our case) by passing an electric current through it

During the electrolysis process the makeup of the molecules in water is altered and this leads to two different types of water being created during the process ,  alkaline ionized water and and acidic ionized water.

If you purchase a water ionizer then then it will take in normal tap water and output alkaline water and acidic water. For health purposes most people will be interested in the alkaline water that is produced by a water ionizer but there are also uses for the acidic water that is produced. It can be used as a skin cleanser, and also to feed plants and wash vegetables. So nothing that comes out of a water ionizer needs to be wasted!

The alkaline water produced by a water ionizer following the electrolysis process will not just have a higher PH value (meaning the water is more alkaline) it will also have a negative ORP value. Negative ORP is key factor in the health benefits provided by alkaline water.

So what is ORP?

ORP stands for oxygen reduction potential, a substance can have either a positive or a negative ORP value. ORP is measured in millivolts (mv) using an ORP meter.

In very simple terms it is claimed drinks that have a negative ORP value such as spring water or orange juice have an antioxidant quality that is not found in drinks with a positive ORP value. It is also claimed that the drinks with a negative ORP value are able to prevent free radical and oxidative damage to the body.

How free radicals work

Everything in our world is made up of atoms, and these atoms all contain electrons. Some atoms are ‘missing’ electrons and this can cause them to try and ‘steal’  electrons from other atoms. Free radical cells in our bodies are missing electrons so they are constantly trying to take electrons from other healthy cells, this can cause particular damage to us as once a free radical has removed an electron from another healthy cell the previously healthy cell can become a free radical itself causing the whole process to start again. As this process repeats itself over and over again a great deal of damage to the body can be done.

In order to combat the process explained above we can consume food stuffs called antioxidants,. when an antioxidant cell ‘meets’ a free radical cell it is able to ‘give’ it an electron, this is good news as the antioxidant has spare electrons so by giving an electron away no damage is done to the antioxidant cell or the body. As an extra added bonus the electron that the antioxidant ‘gives’ to the free radical neutralises it, meaning that the free radical can no longer cause damage to other cells. For this reason antioxidants such vegetables, fruit juices and pulses have long been recommended  by health professionals.

Alkalized water with a negative ORP value as made by a water ionizer is an antioxidant, so we can see what benefits drinking the water can bring to us.

The health benefits of alkaline water

a woman drinking waterHopefully the explanation of ORPs and free radicals above will give you an idea of what health benefits ionized water could bring you. Don’t just take our word for it though, we’d always advise you read around on any scientific theory about health as it’s interesting to compare the opinions that different people have.

In addition to the benefits of its antioxidant qualities alkaline water also brings health benefits to many due it’s alkalinity.

Your body will always try keep a balance where PH is concerned, this is because the body is able to work at an optimum level when it is in PH balance. Unfortunately, as modern diets have got worse and we eat more and more unnatural foods the body can find it harder and harder to maintain a balance and this can lead a multiple of health issues as the body is unable to deal with disease and infection as efficiently as it should.

By drinking alkaline water we help the body to maintain a balance by offsetting the acidic roducts we consume on a daily basis.

So, we can see why people would want to make alkaline water, as many people have found that it brings them a great deal of health benefits.

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